PlaPla product information

PlaPla is a do-it-yourself application that allows the driver himself to fix the tarpaulins in a parking lot or the street. In case of incisions through accident or transportcrime, PlaPla prevents the load to any damage caused by moisture. Moreover, PlaPla prevents for further tearing of the tarpaulins. Repairs with PlaPla are UV resistant, extremely durable and wash resistant. So PlaPla is not a temporary solution. PlaPla a sustainable “do it yourself” repair. PlaPla can be used in different circumstances. Choose one which is most suitable for you:

PlaPla shop

PlaPla shop can be used for various purposes.
Size 0,2 x 0,3 m



PlaPla Road                                                                

For use on the road. PlaPla Road comes in a luxury cilinder, incl. scissors and PlaPla cleaner.
Size: 0,40 x 1,00 m




PlaPla Garage

Use PlaPla in the garage.
Size 1,00 x 1,00 m


Technical Details

Carrier material: Polyester
Top material: Polyvinylchlorid
Self-adhesive coating: Solvent-free
Weight: 650 g / m²
Tear resistance: 2500 N 75 cm
Tear propagation resistance: 250 N / cm
Buckling behavior:> 100,000 impulses
Temperature range: – 40 ° C / + 120 ° C

PlaPla is available in the following colors: