How to install PlaPla

1. Clean the tarpauling and make it dry and grease free.
Provide a clean, dry and grease free surface, so that the PLAPLA can properly stick. Use only greaseproof and silicone-free detergents (preferably PlaPla Cleaner).
2. Cut the PLAPLA to the correct size.
Take at least 5cm extra, so the PLAPLA fits properly and completely over the incision. This in order to achieve a water-tight adhesion.
3. Remove the protective film.
If the PLAPLA exceeds manageable, we recommend to remove the protective film during pasting the PLAPLA. Do not tear the wear before pasting.
4. Paste the PLAPLA on the damaged tarpauling.
Stick 1cm of PLAPLA on the cleaned and dry tarpaulin, rub the PLAPLA over the damaged tarpaulin on the outside of the trailer.
5. From outside to inside.
After sticking the PLAPLA on the outside, attach the damaged inside of the tarpaulin to the PLAPLA by pushing it on the adhesive for the best attachment. The PLAPLA however is directly firmly attached and will reach its final adhesive strength after a few days .


  • The minimum temperature for sticking the PLAPLA is 7 degrees Celsius. We advise you to work inside for optimal results during the winter.
  • If emergency repairs needs to be done in the winter, you can always use PLAPLA. However, the durability of the connection will be shorter when sticked at lower temperature.
  • PLAPLA has high bonding, when applied it can not be removed or moved. So, paste PLAPLA directly in the right location.