PlaPla is a do-it-yourself application that allows the driver himself to fix the teared side curtain in a parking lot or the street. In case of incisions through accident or transportcrime, PlaPla prevents the load to any damage caused by moisture. Moreover, PlaPla prevents for further tearing of the tarpaulins. Repairs with PlaPla are UV resistant, extremely durable and wash resistant. You don’t have to use a heat gun. So, this is not a temporary solution but a sustainable “do it yourself” repair.

PlaPla is available in divers colors and sizes.

PlaPla is a simple and affordable solution for fast and safe repairs to your truck tarpaulins.
– For truck tarpaulins and many other applications
– Self-adhesive
– Highly UV resistant
– 100% wash-proof
– Easy to apply
– Immediately usable
– TÜV certified (PlaPla certificates)

See how you can repair tears in your in only 3 minutes or read the instruction manual.

A sustainable choice

PlaPla is a solution that is more sustainable in repairing tarpauling damage than regular repair methods. If a driver has PLAPLA with him and he needs to use it, then he does not needs to drive to a workshop, which saves time and fuel. The average savings for a PLAPLA do it yourself repair is 65 km and 3 hours drive and/or waiting time.

For example,if drivers in Europe would repair themselves 10.000 damages with PLAPLA, this would save
around 650.000 unpaid km, 310.000 liter diesel and a lot of CO2 emissions. The indirect savings are 40.000
driver hours that could be used more efficiently.