Innovative anti-slip mats with replacement indicator.

The height of the friction coefficient between the load and the bottom or – in the case of stacked cargo – between these units is of great importance for the load securing. This is a critical factor in whether the load shifts or not. Using LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mats ensures for a substantial increase in the coefficient of friction (COF). Therefore, less span belts are needed. LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mats makes cargo securing more effecient.

Low weight | Odorless | Stronger | Repeatedly usable | Replacement indicator

Most of the anti-slip mats nowadays have a coefficient of friction of μ= 0,6. However, there are still some differences in quality of anti-slip mats and it is hard to find out these differences. Therefore, it is important that recent coefficients of friction are provided in the certificate of the manufactures.
This lack of association of the product and the corresponding certificate opens the market for “cheap” materials which have not been tested.
LaSiGIPTex anti-slip mats are printed for this reason, the current Certificate Number. This has the advantage that controlling authorities can immediately recognize the reference to the certificate of the anti-slip mats and, secondly, the replacement state is identified by the imprint. The pressure is set so that it wears away the corresponding use. If the print is no longer recognizable, the LaSiGRIPTex anti-slip mat has to be sorted out.