About us

LaSiGRIPTex combines its experience in the transport industry with a passion for developing technical applications. Due to extensive experience in the transport industry we know what is important for the safety of cargo. Our mission is let the transport industry operate in a safe and simple way. Therefore, LaSiGRIPTex delivers innovative solutions for cargo securement. We develop product that meet our values.

  • Safety through Quality

Safety is our number 1 priority. We produce high quality products to make sure the products will not fail to do for what it is used for; ensure the safety of cargo. We realize that the safety of your cargo is determined by the weakest link in the cargo securement process.

  • Simple concepts, easy to use

At LaSiGRIPTex, we prefer simple concepts, which are easy to use for everyone who is interested in using it. LaSiGRIPTex provides simple and fast solutions for securing cargo. Solution for workers at the bottom of the organisation, to fix their cargo securement problems themselves. Simplicity is the cornerstone of our organisation. Due to a simple, flat organisational structure, we have a short chain of commands. This makes us work more efficiently to solve your problems faster.

  • A Sustainable choice

Our product are developed to outperform regular product in the market for cargo securing. We can deliver better products for competitive prices. By developing new products we make sure it meets its quality standards and it is easy to use. Moreover, we also care about the environment. LaSiGRIPTex products are developed to be more sustainable than regular products.